Positive Planet UK is delighted to welcome entrepreneurs for our extraordinary PP Womens Venture Incubator starting 20 September, 2019 - unique and exciting, delivering a comprehensive high calibre venture program to meet the needs of an under-served demographic of women entrepreneurs ages 30-65. The PP Incubator provides comprehensive business and venture development, mentoring, B2B networking, equal access for entrepreneurs at Start-Up and Incubator Stages, positions your business for greater access to Seed Capital & Venture Capital from the Incubator (and Partners), is a conduit for its partner accelerator programs, holistic Health & Wellness support - as well as - "corporate connectivity" in developing sustainable, profitable business ventures long term. The Incubator includes female founders in London and SouthEast England.

Team Contacts: CEO - Lisa Lambie (lisa.lambie@positiveplanet.ngo), Program Manager - Gillian Rowe (growe@positiveplanetuk.com), Team WhatsApp +44-7503-391-993 | Click Here to join the London Women’s Entrepreneurship & Angel Investor Network


  • FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS & FOUNDERS: the Incubator addresses under-served demographic of women ages 30-65 with experience, maturity, “grit”, and high potential for greater community and family impact

  • SECTORS: 50% Non-Tech (in sectors where there is clear market need) and 50% Tech/Tech-enabled (STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

  • EXCEPTIONAL 12-WEEK PROGRAM for 2 Cohorts for both Start-Up and Incubator stages consisting of:

    • High calibre Modules and Workshops incl. with leading investors, successful Entrepreneurs, and Experts

    • Professional Mentorship - Multi-Mentors for each entrepreneur

    • B2B Business Development & Networking

    • Co-Working Space

    • Health & Wellness

    • Completion Certificate

    • Cohort 1 - Start-Up Stage: Aspiring entrepreneur who needs support getting business launched

    • Cohort 2 - Incubator Stage: Existing entrepreneur who has a business up and running (1-5 years old) focused on driving sustainable enterprise for long term

  • PERSONALISED PROGRAM & FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE to suit your venture development needs while also balancing personal/family commitments. Incubator is extremely comprehensive and therefore all sessions are optional (except for Sept 20, Dec 3) so that entrepreneurs (with advice from Program Team) sign up for specific modules and workshops of interest- recommended 50% attendance of all Incubator sessions to be eligible to present to Dec 3 Committee for Seed Capital 

  • CONVENIENT VENUES across SOUTH LONDON, EAST & CENTRAL LONDON: 60% of activities located in South London (Brockley), complemented by Central London (Blackfriars, Oxford Circus, Shoreditch)

  • PARTNERING PLATFORM & NETWORK to BUILD VENTURE TEAM: Incubator facilitates and encourages women partnering on their business ventures for greater execution viability and long term sustainability – hence requirement that venture has minimum 3 planned / existing employees

  • HOLISTIC SUPPORT for overall female HEALTH & WELLNESS essential to stress management, physical/mental well-being, and professional development of entrepreneurs building a profitable sustainable business - incl. yoga, pilates, deep tissue massage, indian head massage, dance therapy, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies

  • SEED CAPITAL: based on merit for some qualifying entrepreneurs completing Incubator successfully in Dec 2019

  • CONDUIT for Partner Accelerators

  • GOVERNANCE: Independent Financial Review for Incubator, Impact (Assessment Reporting, Advisory Board


    • Less than 1% of UK Women Entrepreneurs currently receive any form of external start-up funding - Source: The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Assn (Feb 2019)

    • Incubator graduates benefit from: (i) greater access to investment capital through PP’s extensive network of venture capital, angel investors, and PP Partner Accelerator Programs, (ii) Ongoing Mentorship, and (iii) B2B Networking

    • Phase 2 of the Incubator Program is 2020 Q1-2


  • Strategy - Developing/structuring an Innovative Business Plan - Do you have a viable business? | Current Market trends and outlook for key sectors; business plan review by industry, investor & entrepreneur panel; differentiation and unique positioning; identifying the gaps & game plan; case studies from successful Entrepreneurs

  • Leadership, Mindfulness, Personal Development & “Branding” - mindfulness & effectiveness; practical leadership, “grit” and transforming your vision to reality; building an effective team and leveraging resources; managing your Board, clients, and Investors; building your “Personal Brand”

  • Financial Management - Financial Education: Personal finances/credit, money management, and personal wealth creation |       Business Management & Accounting for Entrepreneurs | Financial Statements and Financial Modelling | Bootstrapping, Cashflow & Working Capital Management | Format: classroom, group project, final assessment

  • Managing an Entrepreneurial Business / SME: Self-Assessment - Are You (ready to be) an “Entrepreneur” vs. “Employee” of an Entrepreneurial Business? | Managing Resources, Team, Time Management | Intellectual Property and Copyright | Structuring your Entrepreneurial Business Operations/Admin (incl. Registration, Tax, Legal/Contracts, Governance) | Financial Reporting for the Company Board, Impact Investors, and Regulators

  • TECH MODULE & Workshops (in partnership with WAYRA) incl. preparation to scale your venture & accessing Accelerator funding

  • KYC (Know Your Customer), Effective Marketing , Leveraging Social Media & Optimising your Tech Platform: Strategic market /competitor analysis and defining your customer – is there market demand for your business? | objectives validation, campaign design & delivery | “getting attention” and nuturing relationships | “The 10 Minute Close” in different medium … effective communications to clients and investors | leveraging social media effectively for branding, relationships, and driving sales directly/indirectly

  • Funding & Raising Capital: (i) Self-Funding / Bootstrapping, (ii) Funding & Raising Capital, (iii) Private Funding for female founders from Venture Capital & Angel Investors, and (iv) Institutional Capital & Access to Grants (w/ Innovate UK)

  • Scaling and Growing your Business for long-term Sustainability, Impact and Investment: Format is a mix of seminars, presentations, and 1-on-1 review and structuring for each business venture with large angel investors

  • Workshops: (i) Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship in Fashion, Design and Innovation, (ii) Leveraging Innovation & Technology for building and scaling your Business, (iii) Building Strategic Partnerships to leverage for Scale, (iv) “Leadership in the Boardroom”, (v) Managing your Board & Shareholders/Investors for Value”, (vi) Social Impact & Financial Inclusion

  • Executive Coaching - this is in addition to Mentors

  • Health & Wellness Module: to promote healthy lifestyle, balance, stress management, and good physical health for holistic personal and professional development including Yoga, Pilates, Art Psychotherapy and therapies

  • Investor Luncheon & Entrepreneur Pitch Day

  • Incubator Wrap-Up