Positive Planet UK supports PPI in developing and funding specific programs in Africa and the Middle East. Positive Planet International currently manages and funds programs in entrepreneurship, inclusive finance and financial education, inclusive value chain programs, and microfinance. Below is a snapshot (not comprehensive) of some current Positive Planet programs in Africa and the Middle East:


  • Egypt - Rural Youth & Women’s Entrepreneurship, training, employment, and microfinance - Impacting 600 youths (50% women) living in rural areas of Upper Egypt. Partners – European Union, Pepsico, General Electric Foundation, H.E. Al Ghurair, Assn of Upper Egypt for Education & Development

  • Tunisia - Strengthening of the microfinance sector; Study on financial education’s needs of migrants

  • Morocco - AFIDBA Accelerator – See below under West Africa


  • Senegal - Women in Cultural & Creative Industries / Digitales UNESCO - Financial education and entrepreneurial business support for women entrepreneurs under 40 in cultural and creative industries

  • Senegal - Endeavour / Entrepreneurship Program – Program currently trains and develops 375 entrepreneurs (ages 18-40) and 160 SMEs over 3 years across 4 target regions of Senegal with high unemployment rates (and with a focus on curbing dysfunctional migration), including Saint-Louis, Kédougou, Matam, and Louga. Successful graduates also gain access to micro-financing investment for their businesses through this program from MicroCred, and these microfinance investments are guaranteed by implementing partners. Financial Partner - WARI

  • Senegal, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Egypt - AFIDBA Accelerator for Africa digital start-ups to scale – Accelerator Criteria focused on social impact and financial inclusion, digital component (70% of the companies selected), pro-gender (50% run by woman or project that addresses women issues), 100% scalable, 80% of entrepreneurs are less than 35 but there is no age criteria. Accelerator also provides seed capital in the form of equity and micro-loans direct to entrepreneurs. Partners include Bond Innov, Orange, NGO Care, Research Institute of France, Investisseurs & Partenaires

  • Burkina Faso – Renewable Energy – Solar Water Pumps

  • Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon & Mali - Maison Digitales – Women’s Entrepreneurship Programs (in partnership with Orange Foundation) with purpose to strengthen the economic and financial autonomy of unskilled women in precarious situations (includes women recovering from domestic violence) through the implementation of literacy, IT, and entrepreneurship training. Program also works to strengthen governance and operations of local savings and loan cooperatives. Program is 2 years with 100 women. Partner is Orange Foundation

  • Cameroon - Digital Houses - Financial education, vocational training and incubation support of Women Micro-Entrepreneurs; Increased access to Education & Energy

  • Burkina Faso - Agribusiness and strengthening of the Bee-keeping value chain; Financial inclusion and financial education for migrants; Solar water pumps / irrigation

  • Ghana - Intl. Executive Development Program promoting financial inclusion through innovation and digital financial services


  • Madagascar – Zina Healthcare Project - Launched in 2016, the ZINA project (in partnership with SANOFI as a healthcare partner) created 3 health insurance companies, a common management platform (ZINA), and a network of medical providers in order to offer health coverage for vulnerable people - including micro-entrepreneurs and the financial education and entrepreneurship of Vanilla Producers and Vanilla Cooperatives.  Beneficiaries are 50,000 people covered by health insurance, 300 partner health providers; 45,000 health services provided over 5 years. ZINA Phase III is focused on economic development and healthcare

  • Madagascar – Antananarivo – Solid waste value chain – recycling and transformation

  • Zambia - Bulk payment solutions

  • Seychelles - Promoted financial education through the development of the national financial education strategy for the national Government

  • Lesotho - Sustainable access to Renewable Energy solutions by promoting and distributing energy efficient and renewable energy (EERE) product for use in rural homes and by smallholder famers in 5 districts in Lesotho. The 3 year program which started in March 2018 is funded by the European Union. 5,000 households; 40 Entrepreneurs (75% women, 25% men)

  • South Africa - Managerial Skills development | International Microfinance Executive Development Program (PP & WITS) – SME adult education


  • Tanzania -  Intl. Executive Development Program promoting financial inclusion through innovation and digital financial services

  • Uganda - Dairy value-chain digitalization


Positive Planet’s Empowering Host Communities in Lebanon consists of entrepreneurial and vocational training programs for Lebanese youth, women, and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. To date, 455 beneficiaries have been trained across 6 training centres,359 in entrepreneurship & business skills, with 58% from Lebanon / 41% Syrian Refugees; and represented by 79% women, 57% youth (18-29 years)

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